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Who Is Dr. Wallach?

A biomedical research pioneer, Dr. Joel D. Wallach, DVM, ND spent more than 40 years in the field of Veterinary Medicine, observing and researching the effects of individual nutrients on animal health, before becoming a Naturopathic Physician in 1982.


Dr. Wallach obtained a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture from the University of Missouri in 1962, with a major in Animal Husbandry (Nutrition) and a minor in Field Crops and Soils. In 1964, he was awarded a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine (DVM), also from the University of Missouri. Thereafter, Dr. Wallach completed a three year (1965-68) post-doctoral fellowship at The Center for the Biology of Natural Systems at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. In 1982, he obtained a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine (ND) from the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, Oregon.

Groundbreaking research study on Trace Minerals

In 1977, Dr. Wallach discovered the world’s first known case of non-human cystic fibrosis in a selenium-deficient Rhesus monkey. At the time, cystic fibrosis was believed to be the result of a human genetic disorder. Dr. Wallach’s monumental discovery set him on a 20-year path of research on the health benefits of selenium and other minerals.


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     Since my early 20's I have been passionate in a holistic approach to natural health, nutrition and overall well being. I'm a proud distributor of a company Dr.Wallach founded twenty years ago named Youngevity. Dr.Wallach has proven in his research that every function in the body requires essential minerals for optimum health and that we are deficient in these minerals.

     I encourage you to spend some time learning about Dr.Wallach and his 50 years of pioneered research and how he's improved the health of thousands of people.

     Please let this website, and the following video be the start of that journey.



     "Since my early 20s, I have had an interest in health and nutrition. I worked as a nutritionist for 4 years and after that in the healthcare field as a Personal Support Worker (PSW) for

30 years. I have seen firsthand how poor nutrition, not supplementing and stress take their toll on people's health. I have always prioritized to cook my food from scratch using fresh produce, but knew I had to supplement with vitamins at the same time, as our produce is lacking nutrients.

     My work environment was very stressful, both physically and mentally. Stress takes a big toll on our health. In 2014 I was diagnosed with melanoma (skin cancer) and hypothyroidism. I was put on medication for my hypothyroidism. I underwent surgery to remove a mole and extra tissue on my back. After that, I seemed to be fine.

      In April 2017, cancer showed up on my liver. This time it was Stage 4 cancer, considered

terminal. I was very sick; no appetite, lost all muscle tone and weight, and my body was building excess fluids. I needed help with daily living, my life was hanging on a string.

From September to March 2018 I took immunotherapy treatments, and at my Naturopath's, hyperthermia treatments. My tumour shrank from the size of a soccer ball to a large fist.

I got my energy back and my appetite. I had lost 25 pounds.

       Then due to side effects, I stopped the immunotherapy. I was suffering from 2 frozen shoulders,

hair loss, no feeling in my fingertips (they turned white and purple), plus memory problems. However, with physio and good nutrition, I was able to reverse all of it. This brings us to July, 2019. I was introduced to Youngevity and knew right away it was the

right thing for me in order to reverse any cancer that remained and prevent it from  returning.

     To supplement with all 90 essential minerals, vitamins, amino acids and essential fatty acids is so important !  I have switched to a Ketogenic Diet--no sugar, no grains. Though the switch was most recent, I'm already feeling a definite difference. I'm getting amazing results:  my liver spots are disappearing, my hair is getting thicker, my varicose veins are slowly diminishing, I have more energy, I lost my cravings for sugar, and I am off my hypothyroid medication. I'm convinced ! In very little time I know I shall be totally cancer-free.

     Prior to discovering Youngevity's exceptional nutrient program,  I had been buying different supplements, minerals, but did not know the correct ratios or how each interacted with the other. My cupboard was filled with them ! Now that I have switched to Youngevity, guesswork and anxiety have disappeared, I'm now getting all 90 essential nutrients in correct ratio. Most important, no more stress trying to figure things out wondering if I've calculated the correct ratios. With Youngevity, I know it's right!

     With Youngevity I'm happy that I can also realize some savings which can always be re-invested in more product. As an unexpected bonus I now have more space in my cupboard !  A big THANK YOU to Dr Joel Wallach for his immense contribution to our wellbeing, and for making his products available to everyone!"


     " Before I started on the Youngevity products, I led a very sedentary lifestyle, and craved a lot of sugar in my diet. I was reluctant to start on Youngevity at first, and did a lot of research about Dr. Wallach, and the company. I came to the conclusion that the products are very high quality, and Dr. Wallach is an expert in the field of health and nutrition.

     I started with the Healthy Body Start Pak, which includes the Beyond Tangy Tangerine, a multi-vitamin mineral complex drink; an Essential Fatty Acids supplement; and the calcium-magnesium supplement, Osteo-FX. Within a few days, my sugar cravings were drastically reduced. My body was craving protein instead, and was completely satisfied with that. I had more energy. It was like my body was finally getting all the vitamins and minerals it’s ever needed, and it was thrilled! I even joined a gym, which was something I never thought I would do! After being on the Healthy Body Start Pak for a month, I had some blood work done as part of my annual check up. I have always suffered from low iron and was curious to see if the results would be any different now. When the results came in, my doctor was amazed at how high my iron count was. In fact, almost every blood test done that day had improved over the previous results. I am convinced that the Youngevity products were responsible for that.

     After noticing how beneficial the products had been for me, I started taking a woman’s hormonal supplement from Youngevity’s Proline called Xera-Fem. It has helped tremendously with peri-menopausal symptoms like night sweats and hot flashes. I was having night sweats a few times each week. Now they only happen once every few months. All thanks to Youngevity. Throughout my journey on Youngevity, Michael has been so supportive. He is so passionate about the products, the company and Dr. Wallach. That has been so inspiring to me. I’ve tried several vitamin and mineral supplements in the past, but nothing compares to Youngevity. The results I’ve seen in myself are undeniable. I have become a lifelong Youngevity customer! "

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Healthy Body Start Pak™ - Original


In today’s world, depleted soil, crop changes, and seasonal inconsistencies are yielding less nutrient-dense food. This is why the Healthy Body Start Pak was created. With 90 essential nutrients at its core—60 minerals, 16 vitamins, 12 amino acids, and a powerful blend of EFAs—it’s specifically formulated to provide the nutrition you can no longer get from food alone. These carefully targeted ingredients are what you need to live your healthiest life.

Each ingredient in this Pak represents Dr. Wallach’s pioneering research and life’s work, which is committed to helping people live younger, longer lives through essential nutrition.

Plant Derived Minerals™


When dinosaurs roamed the earth 70 million years ago, they likely walked on soil abundant with minerals. As a result, plants and fruits contained water-soluble minerals that became part of a vibrant, life-sustaining food source. Our plant-derived products contain up to 77 minerals from these prehistoric plants in their unaltered form. Our bodies need a steady stream of these minerals (many in trace amounts) to function at a high level.